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Hi, my name is Alex. Our website is the best travel guides resources for travelers! To help you in making the most of your trips and traveling smarter in less time.

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Travel Guides

Comprehensive travel plan guides that cover most of what you need to know about specific destinations based on your own experience. Each travel guide includes details on, how to plan my trips, When to go, where to stay in, and how to save for a trip. Flight and hotel choices, tour options, sample itineraries, travel advice, and commonly asked questions are also offered.

Visa Application Guides

How to get a travel passport? For many tourists, international trips begin with a visa application. Based on our personal application experience, our visa recommendations provide a list of prerequisites as well as step-by-step directions. At the conclusion of each piece, we also address some of the most commonly asked questions.

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Smart Backpacker Travel

Travel guides, example DIY itineraries, airport information, food, accommodation and visa application guides are available on this site to help you plan your trip like a Smart Travel Backpacker!

Travel Itineraries Guides

We also create sets of example do-it-yourself itineraries with budget breakdowns for specific places. The majority of our example itineraries are suitable for a long weekend, however we sometimes provide sample day tours and overnight itineraries, as well as 1-week or 2-week multi-city itineraries.

Attractions Guides

We create travel recommendations for first-timers to some of the most challenging yet incredibly popular tourist destinations, such as theme parks. These attraction guides are typically presented in the form of a list of commonly asked questions.

Best Food

Find out where to get the top dishes from every country, including Pad Thai in Bangkok, avocado toast in California, beignets in New Orleans, deep-dish pizza in Illinois, Pho Bo in Vietnam and more.