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90 days report Thailand

The 90 days report is the way of the Thai government to monitor the foreigners staying in Thailand to minimize illegal activities or stays.

What is 90-day report in Thailand?

Foreigners living in Thailand long-term have to report their current address to the Thai Immigration Department every 90 days of their stay, even if the address does not change. This includes international students, tourists, foreign workers, retirees, and entrepreneurs.

In brief, anyone who is not a Thai citizen and will be living in Thailand for longer than 90 days has to report their stay.

The 90-day report is the way of the Thai government to monitor the foreigners staying in Thailand to minimize illegal activities or stays.

How Does the 90 Days Report Work?

As suggested by its name, if you have been living in Thailand for more than 90 days, you have to report your current address to Immigration Department. The days start counting starting from the day you enter Thailand. So, if you leave Thailand and then re-enter, the days will reset to zero, and you have to submit your report 90 days after re-entering.

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When Can I Do 90 days report?

As a general rule, the foreigner must submit this report within 15 days before, or within 7 days after, your 90-day period expires. The reporting can be done in person, via an agent, or through the mail.

What do you need for 90 days report in Thailand?

You need to have the following documents:

    1. Your valid passport
    2. Photocopies of the relevant pages on your passport:
    1. 90-Day Report Notification form, completed and signed (TM.47)
    2. A photocopy of the front and back of your arrival/departure card (TM.6).
    1. A copy of your previous 90-day slip (if you had one)
    2. If applying through registered mail: a self-addressed envelope along with a 10 Thai postage stamp.

The TM6 departure form is a little piece of paper that I stapled into my passport, but some individuals lose it and create inconveniences.

TM47 Form
TM47 Form
90 Days Report Notification Form
90 Days Report Notification Form

What Happens If I Don’t Submit My 90 Days Report?

If you don’t submit your 90 Days Report on time, you still have seven days after it when you can do it. However, failure to do it within this deadline will result in you getting a fine of about 2,000 Thai Baht.

If you were arrested during this time, and this is the reason you could not report your stay, you will be fined 5,000 Thai Baht.

Can you do a 90-day report anywhere?

That law requires everyone who has been in the Kingdom of Thailand for 90 days or longer must report their location and residence to their nearest Immigration office after 90 days.

You can submit your 90-day report (or authorize someone to do it for you) at any of the following locations:

Some immigration offices, like Chonburi, are now using bar codes so that you don’t need to complete a form or photocopy your passport:

    • Pattaya introduces bar codes for 90-day reports, removing the document requirement. The 90-day report has just become a whole lot simpler for expats in Chonburi!
    • In recent months, the Immigration office on Soi 5, Jomtien, has been testing a bar code method that eliminates the need for Form TM47 and/or photocopies of your passport.
    • A typical 90-day report now takes around 5 minutes, with roughly 4 minutes spent waiting.

Simply pick up a number at the front desk, wait for your number to be called, then go to the 90-day report counter.

          If you are reporting for the first time, you may still be required to complete a form; however, this may change shortly.

How Can You Submit the 90 Days Report in Thailand?

You can submit the 90 Day Reporting through one of the following ways:

    1. At a local Thai Immigration Office, which you can do:
      • In-person
      • Through registered mail
      • Through an authorized person
    2. Online, through the Thai Immigration Department’s online system

How to Do Thailand 90 Days Report in Person?

If this is your first time filing a Thailand 90-day report, you must report in person, by mail, or by an agency. Subsequent reports may be done online.

The safest and easy method of submitting the 90 Days Report is in person,

Before your 90 Days Report due date, you have:

    1. Gather the required documents.
    2. Visit an Immigration Office
    3. Wait your turn in line. This process may take anything from a few minutes to many hours, depending on how many people are there.
    4. Submit the report
    5. Continue to wait a few while longer.
    6. Receive your 90-Day Report slip. This will show when the next time you have to report is. Keep it because you may have to show it the next time you report your stay.

For public health and convenience, many offices now provide drive-thru reporting. On a scooter, in a car, or even on foot you can walk through the drive-thru lane to the window.

The Thailand TM47 form lives on the internet here

If you have not yet printed and completed TM47, you may get one in the office and complete it while you are there.

The officer will take your TM47 and passport, do a few clicks at the keyboard, and then return your passport to you with a printout stating your next day to report. Keep this Receipt of Notification in your passport.

It’s that simple Around 5 minutes in total at local immigration.

Sample of Thailand 90 day report
Sample of Thailand 90 day report

Do You Need an Appointment for Thailand 90 Days Notification?

No appointment is required for 90-day reporting. For other visa services, an appointment MAY be required, depending on the province.

Thailand Immigration 90 Days Report by Mail

If you want to avoid the queues or cannot go in person, you may submit the documents through registered mail from the post office.

You will need to send photocopies of:

    1. Your passport.
    2. Your current visa.
    3. TM6 departure card.
    4. Last entry stamp of immigration.
    5. Last 90-day report receipt, if applicable
    6. Last Thai visa extension, if applicable
    7. Completed and signed Thai immigration 90-day reporting form TM47

Put all of the necessary documents in an envelope. Include a self-addressed envelope along with a 10 Thai Baht postage stamp. The Immigration Officers will use it o return your 90-Day Report slip indicating the next time you must report. At least 15 days before your due date, mail them to the address of your local Immigration Office.

Send by REGISTERED mail to: 

Chalermprakiat Government Complex

Submitting the 90 days report through an authorized person

An “in-person” report may also be done on your behalf by an authorized party. Your partner, a friend, or spouse will need your passport and a completed form TM47.

An authorized party may also do an “in-person” report on your behalf. Your friend, your partner you’re your spouse will need your passport and a completed form TM47.

The TM47 is Thailand’s 90-day address report form. It contains information on your passport, your arrival, and your current address.

Can I do online 90 days report in Thailand?

Yes, you can. However, you must have completed one 90-day report at your current location by person, mail, or agency before the online system will accept your report.

How can I submit a 90 days report to Thailand online?

The Thai government launched an online server to process 90 Day Reporting in 2015, which you can access below.

Note: If you’re submitting the 90-day report online, you’ll have to do it within 15 to 7 working days before the due date.

If it is less than 7 days working before the reporting is due or after the due date, you will have to report in person to the nearest Immigration Office – you can not use the online system.

Step 1: On the laptop, use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to disable your pop-up blocker. Hit refresh to be sure the extension is disabled.

Then, go to the site, here:

Read and tick the box that says “*I have read and fully understand the above terms and conditions” before you may accept the site’s terms.

Step 2. Click “Notification of Staying in the Kingdom over 90 days.”

90 days report Thailand

Step 3. On the first page, you are required to fill in your personal information and travel information.

Under Nationality, choose your country. If you can’t find the United States, it’s because you are labeled as an American.

90 days report Thailand

The flight number field should be left blank. After entering all of your information, complete the captcha and then click submit to continue.

Step 4. If the next page loads, you fill in your visa information and your current address in Thailand.

If this page doesn’t load, go directly to immigration, do not pass go, and do not collect $200.

90 days report Thailand

Sadly, the website is prone to errors. You can try again the next day with a different device, but if you’re unable to get past this page, you will have to file in person or use an agency.

Step 5. The third page is for you to verify that the information you have entered is accurate. If you need to make any changes to the information, click back.

Step 6. On the fourth and final page, click the printer icon on the bottom of the page to view the page as a PDF file. Once you did, a PDF file with the word “PENDING” on the upper right-hand side will show up. Save the file.

Step 7. Your online reporting is complete.

And now we just wait. For up to seven days, your report may remain Pending.

How do I know if the application is approved? How do I check my status?

    1. Go to this site:

Read and tick on the box “I have read and fully understand the above terms and conditions” and agree to accept them.

    1. Click “Check the status of your application”
    2. Fill in your Reference number or passport number and click the search button on the next page, the blue button with white magnifying glass. When you found your application, click on the end of the row which says “VIEW”.
    3. Pay close attention to the upper right-hand side of the screen. If it says “PENDING”, come back later. If it said “APPROVED”, scroll down to the bottom and click on “The Next Appointment (Print)”.
    4. The “Next Appointment” slip will appear as a result of this action. Print it out and keep it in your passport.
    5. You’re finished, and all you have to do now is repeat the process for your next 90-day online reporting.
check status 90 days immigration thailand

Note: Although the online system for 90-Day Reports is supposed to be operational, however, many expats in Thailand say that it often does not operate. Most of them still prefer to brave the long queues and report their stay in person at an Immigration Office, rather than try their luck with the online system.

90 Days Report Online Application

The Thai government announced they will soon make available an application in 2019, which is called “OSS Foreigner”, to handle the 90-Day Report as well as other immigration reporting. The application is designed to make reporting your stay every 90 days simpler, smoother, and less stressful. However, as of now, you can only report your stay through one of the methods detailed above.

What Happens If I Don't Submit My 90-Days Report On Time?

If you do not submit your 90-Day Report on time, you still have seven days after it when you can do it. However, failure to do it within this deadline will result in you getting a fine of about 2,000 Thai Baht.

If you were arrested during this time, and this is the reason you could not report your stay, you will be fined 5,000 Thai Baht.

Thailand Immigration 90 Days Report FAQs

Can I submit a 90-Day Report at an Airport?

No, you can not go to an international airport in Thailand to report your stay. While you may get a Thailand Re-Entry Permit at an airport, it’s strictly the Immigration Department that handles the 90-Day Reporting.

What happens when I move?

If you relocate, you are required to report your new address within 24 hours, and that province’s immigration office will be your “home” province where you file your 90-day reporting.

Do I need to do a Thai Visa 90-day report if I leave the country?

No, you are not required to report from outside of Thailand. When your return, the clock starts at 0. The 90-day report is only for long-term visa holders of 90 days or more to report their address in Thailand whether they will be here indefinitely for 90 days or longer.

Can my girlfriend, neighbor, or husband do my 90-day report for me?

Yes, anybody you authorize can complete the report on your behalf. They will need your passport as well as signed and completed TM47.

Do agencies require all these documents if they report for you?

No, agencies require little or no documents to report for you. It is up to your agency. You will be charged a convenience fee of 500 Thai Baht depending on your agency and agreement.

Do I need to file a fresh 90 days report in Thailand if I change my visa?

Changing your visa does not need filing a new report as long as your address remains the same.

what should I do if I have a unique situation that this guide does not cover?

Confirm with your local immigration office what they need of you.

Is 90 day reporting suspended?

The second automatic visa renewal was authorized by the Cabinet on April 21.

As a result, visas of all kinds will be automatically renewed until July 31, 2020.

Until July 31, 2020, the 90-day reporting obligation will be temporarily suspended.

Why I Cannot do 90 days report online?

To be eligible to submit the 90-day reporting online, you must have previously reported your current or extended visa in person or by mail.

If this is your first time reporting or you have changed your passport, you will not be allowed to file online.

Where can I do a 90 day report?

    • Immigration Bureau Office, Chaengwattana Road, Bangkok.
    • One Stop Center Chamchuri Square Centre (if your visa was issued here) Immigration offices throughout the country

What if you lose your departure card in Thailand?

If you lose your form, you must first report it to your local police station.

This normally costs 50 Baht. Then, after you get the police report, simply go to Immigration as usual before your 90 days are over.

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