Bangkok Taxi Meter Tips: Best Way To Take A Taxi In Thailand

Bangkok Taxi

A Bangkok taxi may be a convenient and cost-effective method to move about the city.

A plethora of brilliantly colored Bangkok taxis may be spotted on the streets of Thailand’s capital. The taxi meter is employed in Thailand’s capital, but as a foreigner, you should follow these recommendations to secure a fair Bangkok taxi fare.

Bangkok Taxi

Whether you’re attempting to find your way across the vast metropolis of Bangkok or from a ferry port to your hotel, you’ll almost certainly need to take a cab at some time during your trip to Thailand. While it may seem straightforward at home, there is a slew of issues that you may find while attempting to hail a taxi in the Land of Smiles, so here’s how to do it correctly.

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Get A Taxi in Bangkok

Yellow/green and pink are the most popular colors of taxis in Bangkok. However, expect to see taxis in bright blue, green, red, yellow, orange, pink/white, or white.

Blue Bangkok Taxi

There is no difference in the color of the Bangkok cab you pick since all of them have the same metered charge.

By looking through the taxi’s front window, you may determine if it is available or occupied.

If the LED sign with three red Thai symbols on the front glass of the taxi is turned on (as seen below), the taxi is free for you to take. However, before you get inside the vehicle, ask the driver whether he would take you to your preferred location since it may not be on his route and he may refuse to take you there. Simply stop another free taxi in such a situation.

Pink Bangkok Taxi, Thailand
Pink Bangkok Taxi, Thailand

Insist on the meter

Make sure the taxi meter is turned on if you want to get a reasonable fee. It is often positioned on the car’s front panel.

Inside Bangkok Taxi

If the driver refuses to put the taximeter on, just get out and locate another taxi 

Tthere are lots of them on Bangkok’s streets, and you won’t have any trouble finding an honest driver who will not refuse to turn the meter on.

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Bangkok Taxi Fare

When you are seated in the back seat of a taxi, the list of Bangkok taxi fares based on distance should be hung in front of your eyes, but not all Bangkok taxi drivers meet this criterion.

Bangkok Taxi Fare

Bangkok taxi fares are quite reasonable by Western standards, with a 5 km ride costing just 57 baht (1.5 EUR) and a 10 km trip costing only 85 Baht (2.3 EUR) under favorable traffic conditions.

Bangkok Taxi Meter Rate

In Bangkok, the starting taxi fee is 35 baht, which you should notice on the meter at the start of your trip and for which you may go up to 1 kilometer.

The taxi meter cost is fixed at 5.50 baht/km for distances ranging from 1 km to 10 km. At this pace, the cab price in Bangkok changes by 2 baht every 0.36-0.37 kilometers, therefore the meter will go up every 0.36-0.37 km.

Bangkok Taxi Meter Rate

The further the distance traveled by taxi in Bangkok, the higher the taxi meter fee.

When the distance exceeds 10 km, up to 20 km, you will be charged 6.50 baht/km, with the meter increasing by 2 baht every 0.30-0.31 km. The meter rate from 20 km to 40 km is 7.50 baht/km, from 40 km to 60 km is 8.00 baht/km, from 60 km to 80 km is 9.00 baht/km, and above 80 km is 10.50 baht/km. The meter will continue to rise by 2 baht, but the more you go, the quicker it will increase.

In Bangkok, the taximeter fee for the distance traveled isn’t always the sole element of the taxi charge. Because traffic conditions in Thailand’s capital are difficult and traffic jams are common, you will be charged an additional 2 baht per minute if the taxi cannot go faster than 6 km/h.

Bangkok Taxi Surcharges

If you decide to take a taxi at the Bangkok Airport taxi stand at one of the city’s airports (Suvarnabhumi Airport or Don Mueang Airport), an airport fee of 50 baht will be added to the metered fare.

There is a 20 baht surcharge for renting a taxi via the radio communication center, but you won’t need to use it since getting a taxi on the street is much simpler.

Passengers must additionally pay any road tolls in addition to the metered taxi cost.

Long Distance Journey Taxi Fares

Bangkok Taxi Long Distance Fare

Even while suggested costs for long-distance journeys outside Bangkok (see below) are often printed in taxis, the price should always be negotiated before the trip.

The following are the recommended long-distance taxi fares:

    • Taxi fare from Bangkok to Pattaya – 1700 baht
    • Taxi fare from Bangkok to Trat (ferries to Koh Chang) – 3800 baht
    • Taxi fare from Bangkok to Rayong (ferries to Koh Samet) – 2700 baht
    • Taxi fare from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi – 2000 baht
    • Taxi fare from Bangkok to Ayutthaya – 1300 baht
    • Taxi fare from Bangkok to Nakhon Pathom – 1000 baht
    • Taxi fare from Bangkok to Lopburi – 2200 baht

Airport Transfers

To avoid dealing with local taxi drivers and potential airport scams, book a private transport online, and the driver will meet you at the airport carrying a sign with your name on it.

It’s unquestionably the most convenient method to go to the city and avoid getting lost in Bangkok on the first day of your stay.

Private Transfer

Private transfer from Suvarnabhumi Airport to Central Bangkok can be booked here: Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) Transfers.

Private transfer from Don Mueang Airport to Central Bangkok can be booked here: Bangkok Don Muang Airport (DMK) Transfers.

Taking public transit in Bangkok might help you save money and avoid traffic jams. If you need to traverse the central area of Bangkok, consider using the BTS SkyTrain or the MRT Metro instead of a taxi, particularly if you are in a hurry.


The Airport Rail Link is a cheaper and quicker way to go from Suvarnabhumi Airport to Bangkok than taking a taxi. By traveling the Airport Rail Link, you save money on cab fares and avoid paying airport surcharges and road tolls. The rail ride from the airport to the final stop in Central Bangkok takes around 30 minutes and costs substantially less than a cab ride of the same distance.

For an even more authentic local experience, take a Public Bus — it’s a fun and inexpensive way to go around Bangkok.

Private taxis are a more convenient way to get from Bangkok to Pattaya. You may book a private taxi transfer online with Bangkok hotel pick-up, Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) pick-up, or Don Mueang Airport (DMK) pick-up and experience convenient door-to-door travel to your Pattaya hotel in a contemporary air-conditioned car.

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