Cheapest Covid Testing in Singapore

cheapest covid testing singapore

Cheapest Covid Testing in Singapore list

COVID-19 Pre-Departure PCR Test by Healthway Medical Group

What to expect:

  • Receive your COVID-19 PCR swab test results within 24 hours to embark onto your next travel adventure!
  • Get a COVID-19 PCR swab test at 28 selected Healthway GP clinics islandwide

COVID-19 Pre departure ART and PCR Swab Test by Doctor Anywhere

What to expect:

  • Get a COVID-19 PCR SWAB TEST/Pre-Departure ART at any of the 9 approved Doctor Anywhere clinics islandwide or in the comfort of your own home!
  • Receive your Covid-19 PCR swab test results in a timely manner and travel with ease

What to expect:

  • Get your ART or PCR test in the comfort of your accomodation or walk into the 10 testing centres of TheTestingPro
  • Receive your COVID-19 testing results on time and travel with ease within a few hours!
  • Choose and pick your COVID-19 packages from the various options that suit your need

What to expect:

  • Book a pre-departure home-based COVID-19 PCR, ART or Serology test and enjoy your trip without any worries!
  • Speedoc is a licensed home-based healthcare service provider with extensive experience in both hospital and home care
  • Receive a digitally authenticated outbound COVID-19 test result that you will be able to fly with
  • Schedule your pre-departure test as soon as your travel plans are finalized
  • The Speedoc team will contact you after your your booking is made to confirm the appointment time

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