How to Fill TM6 Form – Thailand Arrival/Departure Card

Thailand TM6 form (Thailand Arrival/Departure Card) is a form that foreign citizens entering Thailand must fill out and submit to the Thai immigration checkpoint at the airport.

It makes no difference whether sort of Thailand Visa you use to enter Thailand; you must provide a fully completed Thailand Arrival Card at the Immigration. Thai Immigration Card TM6 Form has been updated, and some of the information available online may no longer be accurate. Learn how to accurately fill out the Thailand Arrival Card 2021 form.

The TM6 form card is divided into two sections: Arrival Card and Departure Card.

Tm6 Form- Thailand Immigration Arrival Departure Card
Thailand TM6 Form

When you visit Thailand with a Free Visa-Exempt Stay, Visa on Arrival, Single Entry Tourist Visa, Multiple Entry Tourist Visa, or any other form of Thailand Visa, you must provide a fully completed Thailand Arrival Card, also known as a Thailand Immigration Card, at the passport check.

TM6 Form. Thailand Arrival Card forms are often distributed by the crew on all international flights, allowing you to save time at the airport by filling it out before arriving.

If you don’t acquire the card during your journey, don’t worry; there are plenty of them on the table right before immigration, where you may fill out the Thailand Arrival Card.

All countries, including Americans, British, Australians, Chinese, Indians, and others, must present a Thailand immigration card.

Thailand Immigration Control Procedure for Foreigners is a detailed description of the Thailand immigration control procedure.

Thailand Arrival Card Form

Thailand Arrival Card Form
Thailand Arrival Card Form

The Thailand Arrival Card form is not difficult to fill out, but it must be done properly, and far too many people fail to do so. We observed far too many individuals being refused by immigration agents and being asked to fill out the form again. Don’t spend time at the airport by accurately filling out the Thailand Arrival Card.

Required Information for a Thailand Arrival Card

You will need the following information to complete Thai Immigration Form TM6:

  • Passport details
  • Travel details
  • Address in Thailand.

Filling Thailand Arrival Card Form

When completing the Thailand Arrival Card, you must include basic information about your vacation as well as personal information. Only English, capital letters, and Latin characters should be used to complete the form.

The TM6 form card is divided into two sections: Arrival Card and Departure Card.

When entering the country, make sure you fill out all of the information on both sides of the Arrival Card. However, you may also fill out the Departure Card since the only item that can change there is the number of your departure flight.

1- Arrival Card – Front Side

Sample Of Arrival Card
Sample of Arrival Card

Your family name, first name, and middle name must be written on the front of the Thailand Arrival Card. Then check the box that corresponds to your gender.

Fill in the name of the country on your passport for nationality. The passport number should be typed clearly and precisely as it appears on your travel document. Check it again!

Your date of birth should be entered in the DD-MM-YYYYY format, which means that the day comes first, then the month, and lastly the year.

Flight Number. must be completed with the specifics of your arriving flight and must match the information on the Visa on Arrival application form if you want to utilize this kind of Thai visa.

The flight number may be found on your flight ticket or boarding pass.

Visa Number may be found on your visa if you obtained one in advance from a Thai embassy or consulate. If you will be utilizing visa exemption or applying for a Visa on Arrival, just leave this area blank and the officer will fill it in.

Your occupation can be summarized using the name of your current position

The name of the employer is not necessary.

The country, where you boarded, is the destination country of your most recent flight.

If you have a connecting flight from Europe to Thailand and your final transfer before arriving in Thailand was in Singapore, Singapore should be shown as the nation where you boarded.

Purpose of Visit must be tourism if you are utilizing a Free Visa-Exempt Stay, Visa on Arrival, Single Entry Tourist Visa, or Multiple Entry Tourist Visa.

Otherwise, you may be denied entry into the country.

Length of Stay – Provide the number of days you want to spend in Thailand.

It should not be longer than the maximum duration of stay permitted by your Thailand visa (15 days for Visa on Arrival, 60 days for Single Entry Tourist Visa).

The residence is your home country, as well as the city or state in which you live.

When giving an address in Thailand, be sure to include not only the name of your hotel but also its address. Fill up the blanks with the information from your hotel reservation confirmation.

If you haven’t booked your accommodation yet, just book any hotel on Agoda and fill out the Thailand Arrival Card form with its data. Please provide your phone number in international format as well as your e-mail address.

Remember to sign your Thailand Arrival Card. You’d be surprised how many folks overlook it!

2- Arrival Card – Back Side

Back Of Arrival Card

On the back of your Thailand Arrival Card, you must fill out details regarding your trip.

Provide details about the type of flight, such as if it is a charter or scheduled flight.

If this is your first vacation to Thailand, please let us know. You never know whether they will double-check it, so write the truth.

If you are going as part of a group tour, check the box next to “Yes.”. Otherwise, choose “No.”

Select the kind of accommodation you want. To prevent misunderstandings, choose the kind of lodging that is available at the address on the opposite side of the card.

Purpose of Visit should be considered a holiday. If you are visiting Thailand on a Free Visa-Exempt Stay, Visa on Arrival, Single Entry Tourist Visa, or Multiple Entry Tourist Visa.

Departure Card

Thailand Depature Card
Thailand Depature Card

You may fill out your Departure Card at the same time since the front side just requires your family name, first name, and middle name. You must also provide your passport number and nationality.

If you are unsure about how you will depart the country, leave the field Flight No./Vehicle No. blank.

Separate signatures are required on the Departure Card.

When you arrive, your Departure Card will be stamped and returned to you.

You should retain it with your passport and show it to the immigration officer before you leave.

What Should I Do If I lost my TM-6 or Departure Card?

The TM6, also known as the departure card, that we were handed when entering the Thailand might be misplaced or lost. As a result, it is essential to staple it in your passport to ensure that it does not escape your sight and does not give you any problems in the future.

Friends warned me before I arrived in Thailand to keep it safe and secure at all costs since losing it would mean missing out on the opportunity to go back home or visit another nation of interest.  In summary, immigration will not let me leave the country. That conviction led me to treat my departure card as if it were a valuable diamond whenever I traveled to another region or visited my relatives in the Philippines.

However, this is not the case. Perhaps they were just informed that way by others who arrived here before them. Or they were simply waiting to see how I would respond.

If you discover that your departure card has gone missing, register a complaint at your local police station and pay the 20 baht cost. After that, go to your immigration office where you completed your 90-day report, and request a fresh one. You won’t have to pay anything since it’s free. Simply be courteous since you are the one in need of assistance.

But what if you discover a few hours before your trip that your departure card is missing and the immigration office where you are supposed to report is still closed?

Nothing to be concerned about. The same holds. You may also acquire a new one at the airport immigration counter for free.


Updated: some claim to have been charged a 100 baht fee in Cambodia, while others claim to have been charged between 200 and 500 baht at various immigration offices.

Perhaps it’s reasonable to assume that each immigrant views the issue differently.

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