Trip Itineraries & Travel Plans for Adventurers

Do you want to go overseas but don’t have the time? Buckle up and get ready to ride.

I’ve got a couple of suggestions you’ll want to hear.

I understand. If you’re anything like me, you’re probably sick of hearing that you need to leave your job to travel the globe or live out of a bag if you want to be a “genuine” traveler.

Fortunately, we’re both aware that it’s a bunch of *expletives deleted*. Despite what the broke-but-Instagram-happy blogging set will tell you, travel isn’t all-or-nothing. You can travel the world without sacrificing your life, your work, or your loved ones and friends.

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You’ll find all kinds of itineraries and travel plans tailored for the time-crunched mid-range luxury traveler below.

In the end, these itineraries aren’t about me, but about you. (I know it seems strange coming from someone in one of the most egotistical businesses known to man, but bear with me.)

The following itineraries are based on my trips to over 50 countries during the last decade and a half. These are neither personal travelogues nor comprehensive play-by-play accounts.

Instead, I’ve turned the traditional travel blogging paradigm on its head, substituting selfies and self-aggrandizing details with useful information that can help you plan your ideal vacation better.


City Itineraries

Let’s start with the most time-constrained of all trip plans: city itineraries

Maybe it’s because I grew up in Northern Ontario, yet I like visiting cities. (The closer to the city, the better.)

You’ll note that many of the city itineraries I’ve provided here are focused on one day.


Don’t get me wrong here. It’s difficult to visit a city in one day. I’m talking about near-impossible. And I wouldn’t endorse it unless it’s your only choice.

But, with travel being the dynamic jumble of layovers and inadequate transit connections that it is, staying just 24 hours in a city is a genuine possibility that occurs more often than we may want.

Consider these city itineraries to be a jumping-off point rather than an end-all-be-all vacation itinerary. Even if you just have time for a fast dash through a city, it’s generally enough to entice you to return for a more in-depth visit (or otherwise scare you off for good).


Hong Kong

    One Day in Hong Kong


    One Day in Fukuoka, Japan

    One Day in Hiroshima, Japan

    One Day in Kanazawa, Japan

    One Day in Kyoto, Japan

    One Day in Nagoya, Japan

    One Day in Nara, Japan

    One Day in Osaka, Japan

    One Day in Takayama, Japan

    One Day in Tokyo, Japan

    One Day in Yokohama, Japan


    One Day in Busan, South Korea

    One Day in Seoul, South Korea


    One Day in Macau


    One Day in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    Three Days in Penang, Malaysia


    One Day in Singapore


    One Day in Kaohsiung, Taiwan

    48 Hours in Taipei, Taiwan


One Day in Bangkok, Thailand

    One Day in Chiang Mai, Thailand


    One Day in Hanoi, Vietnam

Country & Region Itineraries

Unless your trip consists entirely of direct flights and layovers, you’ll most likely wish to visit more than one place at a time. These country and region itineraries represent NonstopAsia’s overall goal as a guide to help you travel better in less time.

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