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Public Transport in Bangkok

Public Transport – Bangkok Bus, Bangkok is a fantastic city to explore and have a good time in. However, when it comes to traveling, Bangkok’s transit system can be a little chaotic. Even though the city has several overbridges, smooth freeways, and well-maintained roads, traffic jams and complicated routes may be rather scary to visitors.

So, let’s simplify Bangkok’s huge public transit system. The means of public transportation in Bangkok, as well as their specifics, are listed below for your convenience while visiting the ever-bustling city:

Public Transport in Bangkok

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1- Bangkok Public Transport

Using one of Bangkok’s Mass Transit Systems (BTS SkyTrain, MRT Metro, and Airport Rail Link) is a convenient method to move about the city since all three systems are well linked, making them particularly beneficial if you want to avoid rush hour traffic and save money in Thailand’s capital. Bangkok’s fast transportation systems are dependable and simple to operate, with the sole drawback being the absence of a single ticketing system. For more information on how to use them, visit:

    • Bangkok BTS
    • Bangkok Metro
    • Bangkok Airport Rail Link

Even though Bangkok’s train network is large and expanding, it will not allow you to visit all of your desired destinations. At this moment, another important mode of public transportation in the city – the Bangkok bus – comes in useful and elevates your local travel experience to a new level.

2- Bangkok Bus Tickets, Fares, and Routes

Tourists in Bangkok still rarely utilize the city’s bus system. Even while taxis in Bangkok are not prohibitively expensive and simple to find, making use of the city’s public transportation system is a more cost-effective and more enjoyable choice that allows you to get a more authentic taste of Thai life while touring.

Bangkok Bus

You will immediately notice that Bangkok’s streets are littered with a wide range of public buses. This feature, along with the city’s very chaotic traffic, means that traveling on the Bangkok Public bus system may be quite confusing!

Some buses are air-conditioned, while others are non-air-conditioned (or regular). Some buses are large, while others are small (minibusses). You’ll also notice that city buses are brightly colored: red, pink, yellow, orange, blue…

Bangkok Public Bus
A red/ cream regular bus and an orange air-conditioned Bangkok Public Bus

All of these buses are managed by the Bangkok Mass Transit Authority (BMTA), which is overseen by the Ministry of Transportation and Communications.

Although some of these buses are owned by private companies, they are still operated by the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

Songtaews or motorcycle taxis are often used to access more remote places or tiny streets that are not served by regular transportation. You can always be certain that you will discover a route to go to your target location if you search. Here you can discover all of the most important information about using public transportation in Bangkok.

How To Use Public Bus In Bangkok.

Bangkok Bus Routes

The most convenient way to get a suitable Bangkok bus route for your travel is to use the Google Maps app (download at IOS or Android), which works well with the Bangkok public transportation system. Simply enter your chosen location, click “Directions,” choose public transportation, and the best route will be shown to you. If the only kind of public transportation you want to utilize is the bus, just click “Options” and choose “Bus” as your preferred option.

Google Map Bangkok bus route

However, don’t rely on the app’s timetable or the duration of the projected travel; traffic in Bangkok is unpredictable, and your waiting time and journey time may vary significantly depending on traffic.

A Bangkok Bus Route Map board may also be seen at some of the bus stations. Consider yourself fortunate if you discover one!

Bangkok bus route map
Bangkok bus route map

The bus route’s route names are printed on a colorful scale, and the most famous landmarks are highlighted nearby. Because the bus route varies based on the direction, there are distinct scales for each route.

Bangkok Bus

Bus Stops in Bangkok

Thousands of bus stops may be found around Bangkok. However, identifying one might be difficult at times since bus stop signs are often obscured by other things. Look for a bus stop sign similar to this one.

Bangkok bus route map

Some of the bus stations also have shelters. These are considerably harder to overlook.

Bangkok Bus STop

Bangkok bus routes traveling by the bus stop may be inscribed on the bus stop sign, however, this is not always the case since the sign can be covered with graffiti, stickers, or any other form of “art.

Bangkok Bus Stop

If the bus stop has a shelter, you have a far better chance of seeing a list of bus routes going by. However, it is still possible that information is partial or out of date.

Bangkok Bus Stop

If you can’t find a list of bus routes at the bus stop, just wait there for a bit and watch buses pass by — you’ll quickly have an idea of your choices at that specific bus stop.

Bangkok Bus Types

Bangkok buses are divided into two types: air-conditioned buses and regular or fan buses. Some routes are exclusively covered by one bus type, however, most of the time you will have an option between the two.

How can you know know what type of bus it is?

Uhm, Checking the color of the bus is the simplest way to determine its kind.

1. Air-Conditioned Buses

Most of Bangkok’s air-conditioned buses are yellow or light orange…

Bangkok Air-Conditioned Bus buses

2. Regular Buses or Fan Buses

Most of Bangkok’s fan buses are red/yellow

bangkok red bus

or light pink

Bangkok Pink Bus

or blue/white

Bangkok Blue Bus

However, like with many things in Thailand, it is not a rule, but rather a trend. It’s fairly unusual to see buses painted in different colors.

Bangkok Bus Tickets & Fare

The cost of a Bangkok bus ticket is determined by the route, bus type, and departure time.

Where to buy a bus ticket?

Bus tickets in Bangkok may be bought on board. It’s as simple as getting on the bus and sitting down; the conductor will come over to you. With their lengthy metal box in their palm.

Bangkok conductor bus
Bangkok conductor bus

Regular or Fan Bus Fare

The most common regular bus price in Bangkok is 9 Baht. There are other bus lines with a fixed fare of 6.5 8 Baht (red/creamy buses), which increases to 8 or 8.5 10 Baht at night, depending on the precise hour.

After 11 p.m., expect to pay a higher price.

Bangkok ticket bus
Bangkok ticket bus

How can you find out the exact cost of your fan bus ticket?

A bus fare table sticker may sometimes be seen on the inside window of a bus, although they are not very common.

Bangkok bus fare table
Bangkok bus fare table

It’s not worth it to look for a fare table or inquire about the price. Simply pay 10 Baht for each individual – it will always be enough, and you will even receive some change.

Air-conditioned Bus Fare

The cost of an air-conditioned bus in Bangkok is determined by the length of your travel. A single journey on an air-conditioned bus costs between 11 and 23 Baht (13 – 25 Baht).

Bangkok ticket bus

You will be aware of the exact cost of your bus trip. You just need to inform the conductor where you want to go – select a prominent site nearby, such as a retail center, market, or temple. The conductor will inform you of the fare and, if you’re lucky, will even let you know when you need to get off.

Bangkok Bus Fare 2021

Bangkok bus fares increased in 2019, with the Bangkok Mass Transit Authority (BMTA) deciding to raise most Bangkok public bus tickets by 2 baht beginning on January 21, 2019.

How to take Bangkok Bus

Getting on a bus

If you are at a bus stop and want to board a bus, just raise your hand since buses in this area usually do not stop if no passengers are waiting to board. If there isn’t enough room at the bus stop or if traffic is heavy, don’t be shocked if the bus stops on the second or even third line of the road. Be careful yet quick, since the motorist will not wait long if he sees you asleep.

Inside a bus

Normally, all of the windows on a fan bus are open, making a trip on it fairly comfortable if it isn’t too crowded. Taking a fan bus is a lot of fun since you’ll most likely be the only foreigner on the bus and you’ll be able to see and hear what life is like on the streets of Bangkok. You may despise or like them, but it is the streets of Bangkok that distinguish Thailand’s city.

Inside Regular Bangkok Bus
Inside Regular Bangkok Bus

The air-conditioned buses have a much cleaner and more comfortable environment. If sweating in Bangkok’s heat isn’t your thing, you should take one of these buses.

Inside Bangkok Bus Air Conditioning
Inside Bangkok Bus Air Conditioning

Getting off a bus

When you wish to get off the bus at the next stop, you must push one of the red buzzer buttons located on the bus’s walls or ceilings. When stepping off the bus, be fast and cautious since bus drivers in this area are always eager to go on as soon as the last passenger’s feet contact the ground.

Bangkok Bus Routes

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