Subway Bangkok MRT: Latest Guides Of Bangkok Metro

Subway MRT Bangkok

Bangkok MRT (Metropolitan Rapid Transit) is a new addition to the booming Asian metropolis’s public transportation system. MRT, which is conveniently linked to other mass transport systems, is a handy method to move about Bangkok since it helps to avoid congested traffic in Thailand’s capital. The Subway MRT connects downtown Bangkok to significant sections of the city, making it a great way to explore the city.

Subway MRT Bangkok

Currently, Bangkok’s MRT network consists of two lines (Blue and Purple) with 54 stops, since the network was recently extended. In various areas, the Bangkok metro links with the BTS SkyTrain and the Airport Rail Link, two of the city’s main mass transport networks

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Bangkok MRT Map 2021

You may check out the current Bangkok MRT map here: Bangkok MRT Map.

All Bangkok metro stations include a map of a certain MRT line

Bangkok MRT Route Map
Bangkok MRT Route Map

Bangkok MRT Operating Hours

The MRT in Bangkok is open every day from 6:00 a.m. to

Bangkok MRT Stations

MRT Bangkok
Mrt Bangkok

There are now 54 metro stations in the Bangkok area. If you’re staying in a location near a station, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find one. All MRT station entrances are prominently signposted and readily accessible.

The station is accessible via automated escalators.

Bangkok MRT Fare 2021

The Bangkok MRT ticket for a Single Travel Ticket, which is good for a single journey, differs depending on the destination, beginning at 16 Baht, going up to 42 Baht per journey on one line, and going up to 70 Baht if you change lines.

The actual Bangkok MRT cost for your trip may be discovered using the Online MRT Fare Calculator or on the station’s board (see below).

MRT Bangkok Fare

Bangkok MRT Tickets

Where to buy an MRT ticket?

There are several options for buying Bangkok MRT tickets, however the most common is via Ticket Vending Machines. All of these machines take coins as well as cash.

Ticket Vending Machines MRT Bangkok
Ticket Vending Machines MRT Bangkok

These Ticket Vending Machines are simple to use since the touchscreen allows you to choose between English and Thai. Then all you have to do is decide where you want to go. If your destination isn’t shown on the screen, you’ll need to switch lines, which you may do by pressing the blue or purple button on the top left of the touchscreen. The precise fare will be shown on the screen. Tickets must be purchased one at a time from these Ticket Vending Machines.

Ticket Vending Machines MRT Bangkok

As 2 Baht coins, satangs, and bigger banknotes are not accepted, you’ll need 1, 5, or 10 Baht coins or 20, 50, or 100 Baht banknotes. Coins and banknotes should be placed in designated slots.

Ticket Vending Machines MRT Bangkok

Your ticket (token) and change (only issued in coins) will fall into the windowed chamber below when the amount input reaches the needed fare. Take the token and whatever change you may have

MRT Bangkok Take Token

Alternatively, you may purchase your ticket at the MRT Station Ticket Office. Simply line, go to one of the windows, tell them your destination and the number of tickets you need, pay the money, and they will give you a token and any change.

MRT Bangkok Office

Single Journey Tickets are only good for travel on the day they are purchased.

Single Journey Ticket MRT Bkk

It is also possible to buy a Saved Value Card, which is a smart card that can be stored and filled up with a value for several journeys, but if you are just visiting Bangkok as a tourist for a limited time and will seldom use MRT, it is typically not worth it. Any MRT Station Ticket Office may sell and top up a Stored Value Card.

How to use an MRT ticket?

Once you’ve obtained your token, continue to the metallic gates. Green arrow signs indicate entrance locations, and you must choose one of them.

MRT Bangkok Barries

Touch your token to the designated location on the gates’ metallic section. The red gates will thereafter be opened. Walkthrough quickly since the gates are only open for a few seconds.

MRT Bangkok

At the exit, slide your token into the designated slot, and the gates will open. Don’t let it go!

Taking Bangkok Metro

When you enter the Paid Area of the Bangkok metro station, just follow the signs to the trains.

MRT Bangkok To Train

When you get to the platform, you will observe that MRT platforms are marked with yellow arrows pointing towards and away from the track. You should form a line in front of the yellow arrows pointing to the track.

Hua Lamphong Station

The train’s doors will come to a halt directly in front of the arrows pointing back from the track, and passengers will exit there.

MRT Bangkok

Inside the train, above the entrance, is a map of the line’s stops. The next station’s name is clearly stated ahead of time so that you can prepare to depart the train.

MRT Bangkok Map

Don’t worry if you select the incorrect route or miss your station; just switch platforms at the next stop. If you just change platforms and do not leave the station, you do not need to purchase a new ticket.

Tips for Bangkok Metro

Before leaving the MRT station, consult the Locality Map and choose the exit that is most convenient for you.

MRT Route Map

If there are long queues at the Ticket Vending Machines and Ticket Offices on one side of the station, just move to the other side (you may do this without entering the Paid Area of the metro station), as the situation may be much better there.

MRT Thailand
MRT Thailand

When you’re in the car, take a seat or grab anything to keep yourself from falling or stepping on someone else’s foot. This subway moves quickly, and stops are often short, so make sure you’re close to the exit door to get out on time. Expect other passengers to leave you alone, since they are usually unconcerned with other people’s affairs

MRT Bangkok
If you are not fast enough you might miss your stop

Unlike the BTS, the MRT allows you to walk from one exit to the next without purchasing a new ticket. However, since some stations are fairly large, you will have to go all the way back if you choose the incorrect exit.

Reading the signs, which point out the important landmarks of each exit, is the best approach to find your exit. Local area maps are also available at the station and on the Bangkok Metro website.

Bangkok MRT Exit

Bangkok MRT is very convenient when used with other Bangkok’s Mass Transit Systems – BTS SkyTrain and Airport Rail Link.

For getting more familiar with Bangkok Public Transport you should check:

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