Tourist Visa: A Complete Guidebook To Travel To Thailand

Tourist Visa – Single Entry Thai Visa (SETV), Multiple Entry Thai Visa (METV), Thailand Special Tourist Visa (STV), and Thailand Tourist Visa on Arrival (VOA).

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Depending on their nationality, foreigners who intend to visit Thailand for sightseeing, vacation, or other leisure activities may need to get a Thailand Tourist Visa. Thailand Tourist Visas are only valid for a limited time and do not require the bearer to work or participate in any other paid activity.

If you’re considering a trip to Thailand, there’s a lot to see, from ancient ruins and innumerable complex temples to lovely water markets, sophisticated cityscapes, and sandy white beaches.

A Thailand Tourist visa is explained in length in this article, including who needs one, how to apply, what papers are needed, and the cost.

Thai Tourist Visa
Thai Tourist visa

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Who Needs a Thailand Tourist Visa?

You must apply for a Thailand Tourist Visa unless you meet the following criteria:

Citizens of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, South Korea, and Peru can travel to Thailand without a visa for up to 90 days. Nationals of some other countries are exempt from a Thailand visa for stays of up to 30 or 14 days

Who Can Get a Thailand Tourist Visa on Arrival?

You do not require a Thailand Tourist Visa, If you are from one of the following countries, it is available upon arrival at one of the specified entrance points as follows:

  • Bulgaria
  • Bhutan
  • People’s Republic of China
  • Cyprus
  • Ethiopia
  • Fiji
  • Georgia
  • India
  • Kazakhstan
  • Malta
  • Mexico
  • Nauru
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Romania
  • Russia
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Taiwan
  • Uzbekistan
  • Vanuatu

The visa is only valid for 15 days and must be used within that time frame; it cannot be extended.

Types of Thailand Tourist Visa

There are four types of Thailand Tourist Visa:

    • Single Entry Thai Visa (SETV) is valid for three (3) months (90 days). You can’t return after leaving the country, even if you haven’t used up all your days.
    • Multiple Entry Thai Visa (METV) is valid for six (6) months. It enables numerous exits and re-entries over the life of the visa.
    • Thai Visa On Arrival (Thai VOA) is only valid for 15 days for nationals of certain countries.
    • Thailand Special Tourist Visa (STV) is a special visa provided by Thailand’s Tourism Authority for long-stay travelers interested in traveling to Thailand. The STV project is only valid until September 30, 2021.

How To Apply For A Thai Tourist Visa?

You must apply for a Thailand Tourist Visa at one of the diplomatic missions of Thailand abroad (the Royal Thai Embassies or Royal Thai Consulate-General). The procedure for applying is as follows:

    1. Contact a Royal Thai Embassy or Royal Thai Consulate-General in your country or the one nearest to you.
      • Make an appointment if necessary, learn about the opening hours, working days, and their preferred method of Thai visa fee payment. You can find a list of Thailand diplomatic mission offices here. 
    2. Collect the required documents for a Thailand Tourist Visa.
    3. Submit the documents as well as the visa application. Depending on which Embassy/Consulate you apply in, you can apply:
        • In-person.
        • By mail, in which case you must attach a postage-paid, self-addressed envelope.
    4. Allow time for the application to be reviewed.
    5. Grab your passport and visa. They will be returned to you if you applied via mail.

If your Thailand Tourist Visa is accepted, you must enter the country within the period specified on your visa.

How long does it take to process a Thailand Tourist visa?

The processing time for a Thailand Tourist Visa depends on the specific representative office through where you apply. In most cases, the processing time is about 5 – 10 working days, although some offices process visas in as little as 3 days.

Because there is no set time limit, you should apply at least two weeks before your intended trip date. If you apply by mail, consider the time it will take to mail your paperwork to the embassy and back to you.

What documents do I need for a Thai Tourist Visa application

When applying for a Thailand tourist visa, you must have several documents that support your application. The Thailand Tourist Visa requirements include:

    1. A passport is valid for at least six more months and has at least one blank visa page. Your passport should be valid for at least another 18 months.
    2. Copy of the personal information page of your passport.
    3. A completed and signed Thailand Visa Application Form.
    4. A confirmed return flight ticket, indicating that you plan to depart the country after your visa expires.
    5. Two passport-sized photos of yourself that meet the specified criteria:
        • White background
        • Taken within the last six months
        • You must have a neutral facial expression, staring straight ahead
        • Your complete face should be visible.
        • Only religious headgear is permitted, and even then, only if it does not hide the face.
        • Glasses are allowed only if they don’t cover your eyes and do not have heavy frames.
    6. Proof of sufficient financial funds to cover the duration of your stay, such as bank statements over the previous six months.
    7. Proof of accommodation in Thailand (a letter of invitation from a friend, hotel booking, and so on).
    8. Payment for the visa processing fee.
    9. If you are visiting friends/family in Thailand:
    10. Proof of relationship
    11. Letter of Invitation
    12. If you’re applying for a Multiple Entry Thai visa (METV):
    13. Employment proof, such as a letter from your employer, a letter from your school if you are a student, a self-assessment or business registration document if you are self-employed.
    14. Documentation establishing your eligibility for a Multiple Entry Thai visa.
    15. If you’re applying for Thailand Special Tourist Visa (Thailand STV):
      • Proof of accommodation after the 14-day quarantine.
      • Proof of medical insurance as well as a travel insurance policy.

The STV project is only valid until September 30, 2021

See more at Thailand Special Tourist Visa

Note: The Royal Thai Embassy or Royal Thai Consulate-General y  which you apply may request further papers, as they see fit. The documents can vary based on your vacation purpose.

Documents that aren’t written in English must be translated and legalized.

Thailand Application Form
Thailand Application Form

How Much Is the Thailand Tourist Visa Fee?

The cost of a Thailand visa differs depending on the country you are applying from and the local currency.

However, the cost of a Thai Tourist Visa is estimated to be between $30 and $50 for Single Entry Thai Visa (SETV) and $150 to $250 for and Multiple Entry Thai Visa (METV).

You may also be required to pay in cash or by bank transfer at the Royal Thai Embassy or Royal Thai Consulate-General where you apply.

How Long Is a Thailand Tourist Visa?

A Thai Tourist Visa is valid for:

    • Single Entry Thai Visa (SETV): valid for three months and a single entry. Within three months, you may remain in Thailand for up to sixty days. If you leave, you will be unable to re-enter, even if the maximum number of days has not been reached.
    • Multiple Entry Thai Visa (METV): valid for six months, during this period, you may enter several times, but each entry is limited to sixty days.
    • Thai Visa on Arrival (Thai VoA): Up to 15 days.

Can I Extend a Thailand Tourist Visa?

Yes, you can, unless you hold a Thai Visa on Arrival. If you are currently in Thailand on a standard Tourist Visa, and you wish to stay for longer than the visa is issued, you can apply for an extension at the Office of the Thailand Immigration Bureau in Bangkok before the visa expires. Extensions of up to 30 days are granted by Immigration Officers.

An extension request requires:

    • Your valid passport.
    • Copy of your passport’s information page, your current Thai visa, and the entry and exit stamps.
    • The Thai Visa Extension Application Form(TM.7), that you can download online or get at the Immigration Office
    • Enough cash to cover the Thai visa extension fee. (1,900 Thai Baht which is about USD 62)
    • A passport-sized photo.

Thai Visa on Arrival is valid for 15 days and cannot be extended. If you want to remain longer than 15 days, you must apply for a standard Thai Tourist Visa at one of Thailand’s diplomatic offices.

What Happens If I Overstay a Thailand Tourist Visa?

You will be fined if you overstay your Thai visa. If you overstay for more than 40 days, the fine is 20,000 Thai Baht each day. If you overstay your visa by more than 90 days, you will be deported and banned from returning to the country, depending on how long you have overstayed (It might be 1 to 10 years).

Can I Apply for a Thailand Tourist Visa Online?

Your eligibility to apply for a Thailand Tourist Visa is determined by your nationality. At the present, only nationals of a few countries may apply for Thai visas online: China, the United Kingdom, and France.

Thailand’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in December 2018 that they will establish a new electronic visa application system in 2019 to facilitate tourism. Chinese citizens were the first foreign nationals to be eligible for the Thai eVisa in February 2019, followed by British and French citizens in April.

However, it is anticipated that over the next three years, citizens of all foreign countries with which Thailand has diplomatic relations will become eligible to receive a Thailand visa online.

Additionally, those who can apply for a Thailand visa online must still travel to a Royal Thai Embassy or Royal Thai consulate-general to have their passport stamped, but the Thai government plans to make the full procedure online in the coming years.

if you are suitable, you can apply for a Thai Tourist Visa online here.

Can I Work With a Thailand Tourist Visa?

No, you can not. A Thailand Tourist Visa does not allow the holder to work. Foreigners who want to work or trade-in Thailand must apply for a Non-Immigrant Visa category B.

To work in Thailand, you need a Thai Work Permit, which your employer must secure for you.

Thailand Tourist Visa FAQs:

Can I get a 90 day tourist visa for Thailand?

You can apply Single Entry Tourist Visa (SETV, It is valid for 90 days. You can’t return after leaving the country, even if you haven’t used up all your days.

Is a Tourist visa open for Thailand?

Yes, it is.

Can I get a 6 months visa for Thailand?

An American or other national can now acquire a six-month multiple entry Thailand tourist visa. It now costs $40 for a single-entry visa, while a six-month, multiple-entry visa is $200.

How can I stay in Thailand for 3 months?

With Sing Entry Tourist Visa, you will be given a visa stamp as soon as you arrive, and you will be able to stay for 60 days.

How long can tourists stay in Thailand?

The tourist visa must be used within 90 days after being issued and provides for a 60-day first stay. Upon arrival in Thailand, a tourist visa may be extended by 30 days at the discretion of an immigration officer.

When Thailand will be open for tourists?

From November 1, Thailand proposes to eliminate Covid quarantine rules for properly vaccinated travelers from 63 low-risk countries with the Thailand Pass program.

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